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West Liberty: One Year Later

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Agency Added to Keystone Insurers Group

Top 100 Independent Insurance Agency

Ison Insurance Agency, Inc. was chosen to be a part of the KEYSTONE insurers group over 5 years ago. Keystone is a partnership of independent insurance agents in nine states. Recently Keystone was recognized as the #1 largest independent insurance agent partnership in America.

Ison Receives Outstanding Alumni Award

Jenni Ison, Ed Duett, and John Ison

In February 2012, John L. Ison of Ison Insurance Agency Inc., in West Liberty, KY was selected to receive an Eastern Kentucky University Risk Management & Insurance Program Outstanding Alumni Award.

John was honored at an Awards Dinner in April 2012. Each year, the EKU Risk Management & Insurance program selects a few outstanding alumni from this program and a few from the industry for their achievements over their lifetime. This program was created to recognize outstanding EKU alumni.

John was introduced by Ed Duett, President of the EKU Risk Management & Insurance Program by reading John’s biography. John was then presented with a plaque that reads “Risk Management & Insurance Outstanding Alumni Award presented to John L. Ison 2012”. John then gave a speech in which he remarked on his time in the EKU Risk Management & Insurance program and thanked his wife Jenni who accompanied him to this awards dinner. Congratulations John!

Ison Receives Insurance Ambassador Award

The hard-working crew at Ison Insurance!

On Monday, March 19, 2012, Sharon Clark, Commissioner of Insurance of the Commonwealth of Kentucky came to Ison Insurance Agency in West Liberty, KY. She came to Morgan County to see the devastation that the March 2, 2012 tornado caused. While she was here, she presented Ison Insurance Agency with the distinguished award of Insurance Ambassador. It reads:

“In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Kentucky This is to certify that John L. Ison, Ison Insurance Agency is hereby recognized and honored with the distinguished award of Insurance Ambassador by the Kentucky Department of Insurance Commissioner for outstanding service, dedication and achievement in the field of insurance”. The Commissioner personally wrote on the award, “Thank you for the wonderful example of insurance professionalism you have shown to your community.”

This is only the third time the Commissioner has given out one of these awards.